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Miss Grand International (MGI)


Miss Grand International Public Company Limited has broken all the rules of the beauty pageant industry by creating a Beauty Pageant Platform with the highest growth in popularity Miss Grand International (MGI) beauty pageant. 


The Thai people founded MGI to showcase the potential of Thailand’s nation. Now, it has become a beauty pageant that people look forward to watching year after year, and after ten years, the MGI show is the most talked about pageant with the most social media engagement. 


This year MGI celebrates its 10th anniversary. Throughout the decade, the MGI team has worked tirelessly to create an ultimate stage in the world of beauty pageants. MGI is the #1 beauty pageant that compiles unique beauty, pageant platforms, and unique identity. As can be seen, MGI is the center of creativity, fun, and total entertainment. It has closed all epics of the old history in the beauty industry and now made new history by delivering GRAND EXPERIENCES worldwide. Thus, we can make the Miss Grand International (MGI) beauty pageant reach a wide range of audiences with the slogan “WE ARE GRAND THE 1 AND ONLY.”

H& I Grand Production LLC.  is the official production company of Miss Grand USA, in 2018  Israel Silva - CEO and Hernan Rivera acquired the license from MGI . The Chicago-based event organizers currently owns and runs the Miss Grand USA beauty pageant.   Hernan Rivera was appointed as President of MGUSA followed by the appointment of Yasin Cuevas  as Vice President of MGUSA. The love for pageantry is what brought this group of talented individuals together with over 25+ years of combined experience they bring quality, professionalism, and a unique talent to any production. Now we are on our 5th Edition of Miss Grand USA, and its only getting better. " WE ARE GRAND THE 1 AND ONLY". 

H&I Grad Productions LLC.




Miss Grand International (MGI) beauty pageant is a unique beauty pageant searching for beautiful women ready to work with perfection in all 3-B elements: Body, Beauty, and Brain. They should have the skills and all-around abilities to show the potential of being a modern woman who must be beautiful, skillful, and intelligent so that they can be an icon for women around the world.



The Miss Grand USA platform provides equal opportunities for all women to showcase their talent, and at times we provide opportunities for everyone to take a space in all sectors as much as possible. It has also resulted in employment opportunities during the pageant. 


Miss Grand USA organizes events and expands its business opportunities in their own countries and provides opportunities to makeup artists or hair stylists to have a platform to showcase their potential and work. 



Miss Grand International is an international beauty pageant promoting stopping war and violence. We’ve tried to be the voice of peace in the world. Each year we try to send out a message of love and peace to the world through the transmission of the Final Show of Miss Grand International and the final speeches from the top 10 beautiful finalists. 


The winner holding the title of Miss Grand International must travel to continue the mission of the “Stop the War and Violence” campaign.



The lady facing straight means she is ready to move forward to complete her duties and advocacy for bringing PEACE following our concept “Stop The War and Violence”


From the shoulder up to the top ribbon, it represents the Flame of Peace imprinted with the abbreviation of Miss Grand International ‘MGI’ which completely expresses peace brought to humanity through the Flame of MGI following the concept ‘Stop the War and Violence’ which is our motto.


The Logo of a lady body holding up the torch stick represents the willfulness of supporting the Flame of Peace. The design of the body represents exquisite feminine beauty. In addition, the lithe lady's body standing confidently with arms akimbo along with a crown on the head symbolizes the Beauty Queen.


The title represents the strength, grandness, and magnificence of the beauty pageant in which all countries will replace their country name over the world ‘INTERNATIONAL’ At the International Stage, in which all countries are united, the title holder of Miss Grand International will be internationally reputed with infinite potential. Therefore, the pageant title ‘Miss Grand International’ means all countries in the entire world merging as ONE to create peace through the ‘Stop the War and Violence’ campaign.

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