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Whats your " Stop The War and Violence" Social Platform Camaign ?

As gun violence ravages throughout America, our most marginalized groups like BIPOC, LGBTQ folks, and women become the intended targets of mass shootings, as hateful speech becomes normalized every day. This happens in El Paso, Las Vegas, and Charleston, where safe places have turned into a battlefield. It is essential that we stop the war and violence by advocating for true gun reform policies in America so that all citizens feel safe. Addressing our most vulnerable at the margins impacts changes amongst the masses.

Name:  Rebecca Edwards 

State:   California

Ages:  28

Education/Occupation: Social Media Manager

Hobbies: Hiking, pilates, traveling, trying new foods 

Ambitions: Rebecca plans to one day host her own daytime talk show and start a Cajun/Creole family restaurant in Los Angeles, California.


Rebecca is a social media manager, home chef, mental health advocate, and volunteer speech and debate coach. She studied Political Science and Administrative Justice at the second-largest HBCU, Texas Southern University. As a TSU Tiger, she became a 4 Time International Speech & Debate champion competing across the U.S., Canada & Peru. One of the most impactful moments of her career was engaging in critical discussions with current President Biden and Vice President Harris, where she highlighted community disparities and spoke about the role of academia in furthering climate justice efforts. Her platform #OneRAEOneDay, aims to provide marginalized communities with the resources to achieve their dreams.


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