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Lauren Petersen


Lauren Petersen, a 24 year-old professional educator with a Masters degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders. I was born in the state of Missouri but moved to Virginia after graduating from Lindenwood University to pursue my career in aiding children with autism.
      Living where I do affords me incredible opportunities to enjoy all my country has to offer. I am a 30 minute drive from Washington DC, the capital of the United States; and an hour drive to the Appalachian mountain range that stretches down the east coast of the United States from Georgia to Maine. At a moments notice I can be in our nation’s capital, visiting museums, exploring my country’s historic monuments or stop and attend a congressional meeting where laws are created and passed.
     When I desire peace and tranquility, I can travel to the west to hike mountains in a vast wilderness with spectacular views. '

Height: 5'8"
Bust: 34
Waist: 28
Hips: 36
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green

State: Virginia

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