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State :  Texas

State Directors Name :  Marcelo Modesto                                                  Email :  




For over a decade, Marcelo Modesto has been making waves in the international pageant industry. As founder and CEO of Universal Misses Media (UMM), he is widely recognized as an expert and thought leader in the pageant world. He founded Universal Misses Media (UMM) in order to provide executive consulting and media services for professionals within the field of pageantry -- including judges, contestants, media outlets and more. His presence can be felt at major events across the globe where he broadcasts live interviews with past and present titleholders - all part of his mission to make UMM’s groundbreaking format known worldwide.   


Mr. Modesto has a large following that includes renowned luminaries as well as past and present beauty queens; plus, he's had incredible opportunities such as broadcasting live at major events across the globe while interviewing influential individuals like Steve Harvey, Farouk Shami, Paula Shugart, and the Backstreet Boys. 

Mr. Modesto is a true global citizen, successfully cultivating connections in numerous countries while residing in Washington. Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese--and rapidly becoming proficient with French and Japanese as well--he has dedicated his free time to writing two books so far! Beyond that he also holds the honor of being the first state director for Grand International system's USA branch; under his directorship Texas titleholders have achieved finals placements every year since their initial victory on Mr. Modesto's debut run as State Director. 

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