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Whats your " Stop The War and Violence" Social Platform campaign?

One way to stop the War and violence that everyone can do is to care about the dignity of other human beings. The first step is caring about the pain of others with solutions to help them increase their quality of life.   

Name:  Alanna V. Hepburn

State:   New England

Ages:  28

Education/Occupation: I attended college at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY) where she was a member of the junior chorus and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Management

Hobbies: My hobbies include cooking, exercising, salsa dancing, and bike riding. 

Ambitions: My ambitions are to become a Detective, travel internationally, and pursue a graduate degree. 


My name is Alanna Victoria Hepburn and I am a girl who steps out on faith. Victory is literally my middle name! I am of Caribbean descent, love adventure, and my twin sister is my best friend. My approach to life is being a lifelong student and always open to the lessons that life can give me. My career has been in criminal investigations, and I am always on the path to self-reflection and improvement. I am very excited to be your Miss Grand New England. 


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