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Whats your " Stop The War and Violence" Social Platform Camaign ?

My action to stop war and violence is by sharing my love and service with others and joining causes like helping children with critical illnesses and women victims of domestic violence.

I am here to demonstrate that there is not barrier to achieving our goals as long as we act with determination and love in everything we do. #withoutbarriers

Name:  Ivana Valentina Garcia Ocanto

State:   Florida

Ages:  21

Education/Occupation: Currently studying Business and Organizational Leadership

Hobbies: Spending time with the family and playing field tennis

Ambitions: I consider myself a person with a lot of determination in everything I do and I make sure that my determination is focused on things that I am truly passionate about. For this reason, one of my ambitions in life it is dedicate myself to doing things that I am truly passionate about and in this way inspire other people to believe in their potential by doing extraordinary things. I am a faithful believer that when you do what you love, you develop in a more creative way and you can even be more successful in any project vou set out to do.


I was born in Venezuela but moved with my family to the United States a few years ago. Today I am grateful to this country that received me and is allowing me to demonstrate my talents and have the possibility to represent them internationally. I currently work for a marketing company and own my own modeling academy and sportswear brand.


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