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Whats your " Stop The War and Violence" Social Platform Camaign ?

History has proven that war is inevitable when change is provoked. As ugly as it can get, war paves the path for progression. War can emerge the oppressed and right the wrongs of history, such as the war on racism and desegregation fought by Dr. Martin Luther King, which was founded based on non-violence.


When we think of war, many will immediately reflect on the battles and violence erupting in other countries worldwide; however, there are wars and violence right here in the United States of America right now.

Most visibly, the political war between conservative and liberal agendas which are highly polarizing. We have individuals fighting relentlessly for what should be considered fundamental human rights…the right for women to choose what happens to their bodies. The right for someone to love whom they choose to love. The right to not live in fear of being misjudged and killed simply due to your skin color. These human rights become pawns wedged between political agendas and must stop.


With acceptance, tolerance, and respect, war does not have to resort to violence. Violence is disruptive; it kills hopes and dreams and does not come without consequence. Although we will never be able to end the war on Earth, we can actively choose not to resort to violence. This choice is an individual choice and starts with each of us.


My company works closely with our local county group homes to provide prom gowns for young students residing in these facilities and shelters. I plan to expand our alliance with other local businesses to reach three more surrounding counties by next Spring.

Name:  Kennedy Thomas

State:   Georgia

Ages:  22



Oglethorpe University:

Bachelor of Science 2022


Morehouse School of Medicine: 

Master of Science in Biotechnology with a concentration in Cannabis Therapeutics.

Hobbies: Gardening, Watching Sci-fi movies, and spending time with my two rescue fur babies, Chauncey & Ginger


Obtain a doctorate degree in medicine and practice within the field of Pediatrics. As a practitioner, I plan to advocate for and implement the practice of alternative medical processes and procedures. I am an advocate for the diversity and inclusion of women in the fields of science, research, and biotechnology.

By working in my field of study, I want to encourage, influence, and expose other young women to take up space in the world of science. I plan to leave a legacy and a road map for future generations.


I am Kennedy Thomas, your reigning Miss Grand Georgia. I obtained my Bachelor of Science from Oglethorpe University in 2022. I recently graduated from Morehouse School of Medicine with a Master of Science in Biotechnology with a concentration in Medicinal Therapeutics of Cannabis. I advocate for bridging the gap of health disparities for underserved demographics. 


I own and operate Beauty Queens Galore Prom and Pageant retail store, currently ranked as Pageant Planet's top 5 retailers in the nation for two years in a row. 


I am the CEO/owner of The Pageant Resource, pageantry's premier online resource platform, curated by a team of pageant queens. The Pageant Resource team of researchers and contributors keeps up with and reports industry-leading trends and hot topics. The Pageant Resource serves as the all-inclusive voice of the pageant industry.

I champion the values that make this organization great by simply being the change I want to see. Putting the work in is what makes me not just a beauty but an icon. 


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