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What's your " Stop The War and Violence" Social Platform campaign?

Psalm 139:13 says we are fearfully made, knit together in our Mother’s womb. And that is the answer; to be knit is to be one. Every human life is beautiful and brought into this world through the love of a mother. If we love every day, we will tolerate our peers and learn to be more inclusive, embracing one another and respecting personal opinions. Wars and violence are fought primarily for economic, religious, and political reasons, and beyond the mass destruction, it brings anger and hatred. However, if we take a step back to reflect on our roots of love, it can help create a world where we can one day become united, open, and vulnerable. While still upholding our own opinions and beliefs. It won’t be overcome without trial but can be overcome in due time.

Name: Jena Miliani Masero

State:   Hawaii

Ages:  23

Education/Occupation: Grand Canyon University ALUM 2022
Double Major in Bachelor of Science in Sports Management & Communications

Hobbies: Model Runway, Commercial, Print & Editorial

Fitness Yoga, Pilates, Spin & Self Defense
Polynesian Dancer embraced all Polynesian dance since age 2, including Hula, Tahitian, Samoan, Maori & New Zealand.


Fashion Show Producer

Community & Charity Events

Runway Coach Slay the Runway

Judge for Various Events, Fashion shows, Canine Fashion, Pageants

Emcee & Entertainer


Charity Events, I live with a servant’s heart, open to serving any group/charity in need within my community.

Spending time with my rescue pug Miso


What I love most about life is that you can be anything and change your life at any point with desire, passion and discipline. I have many ambitions, including becoming Miss Grand USA and continuing my career path in pageantry and modeling. Another passion is turning my side runway modeling business, ‘Model with Masero,’ into a prestigious studio where models and queens can feel empowered, glamorous, and worthy at any age. At 18 years old, I began sharing the skills I learned through many runway coaches, starting my own runway class for 6-12-year-old girls and creating a program called Pretty, Poised, and Polite. Five years later, I continued my love for the runway and trained models of all ages in my Runway Slay classes. Helping others gain confidence in their first runway or building upon their skills to reflect their style.

I also love to help others with outfits and wardrobe styling. I began promoting recycling and repurposing my wardrobe by selling my event outfits and pageant gowns online. By doing so, I am helping another person with a gorgeous new fit or gown at an affordable price and the environment by reducing the need for newly manufactured fibers. Every effort to build sustainability counts. My future runway business will be a studio for modeling classes and a store front where my clients can have a slay heels class and be pampered on the way out with a dress rental from my very own wardrobe. Creating sustainability in a fun fashion-forward era.


Aloha, Kumusta, Hafai Adai, Hola and Ni hao. I am Jena Masero, part Hawaiian, Chamorro, Chinese, Spanish, and Filipina. Proud of my Polynesian roots and culture and beyond blessed and grateful. I was raised in an Ohana, where my Faith shaped me into a strong and empowered woman. A confident woman chooses to give wholeheartedly and lives with continued self-love, development, and commitment to continual growth and development. My favorite Hawaiian proverb that I live by is Kulia I ka nu u, which means striving to the very highest peak.

By challenging the status quo I choose to be a compassionate and confident leader for my community. Right before graduating from Grand Canyon University in 2022 with a double major in Sports Management & Communications, I was recruited into Hospitality Management.

Beyond my fitness routines, I also enjoy self-defense classes. These classes help develop mental health and boost activity to be strong and courageous. It has helped me become more aware of my surroundings daily, making me feel more confident and empowered. I am an only child to a single mother who has forged a safe path for me to follow my dreams and push and reject any hostile forces that come down my way. She has guided me with love to protect and hold myself to high standards to strive for the best in life, and I must share this with all. I am Jena, I am Grand, one leader and a voice for all who seek safety, love, and a healthy lifestyle.

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