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Blair Griffith- Miss Grand United States 2013

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Sara Platt- Miss Grand United States 2014

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Lauren Peterson - Miss Grand United States 2015

I am Miss Grand United States 2015, Lauren Petersen, a 24 year-old professional educator with a Masters degree in Autism Spectrum Disorders. I was born in the show me state of Missouri but moved to Virginia after graduating from Lindenwood University to pursue my career in aiding children with autism. 
      Living where I do affords me incredible opportunities to enjoy all my country has to offer. I am a 30 minute drive from Washington DC, the capital of the United States; and a hour drive to the Appalachian mountain range that stretches down the east coast of the United States from Georgia to Maine. At a moments notice I can be in our nation’s capital, visiting museums, exploring my country’s historic monuments or stop and attend a congressional meeting where laws are created and passed. 
     When I desire peace and tranquility, I can travel to the west to hike mountains in a vast wilderness with spectacular views.


Michelle Leon- Miss Grand United States 2016

I believe “ stop the war and violence campaign” is not only about war or violence its about the way the world is getting destroyed by us. As Miss Grand United States, I feel we should all come together and advocate about how we must forgive, love, and unity as a whole. This warfare we live in have destroy many families, homes, jobs and safe place. Thinking of a child who was left homeless because his dad was in the army and his mom die trying to save his brothers, tears me apart. The best solution for this issue its to continue bringing awareness for this problem. Using celebrities, leaders, government officials, or even a local person to continue informing the world of the disruption we continue to create. This should not be base on gender, religion or political views, we all have the same foundation of wanting to come together to bring a message that we can all understand which is a message of peace.


Taylor Kessler- Miss Grand United States 2017

I am a junior at Sam Houston State University, where I am double majoring in Multi platform journalism and Communications. I am a member or the Delta Kappa chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, where I get to work hand and hand with the SAAFE House. I am the youngest of three siblings. Family and friends are one of the most important things in my life! I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my loved ones!