Miss Grand United States

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Hey there, I’m Emily Irene. I’m your Miss Grand United States 2019.


I was born on August 10, 1995 to Kim and Ricc Delgado. I’m the second youngest of 4 siblings: Amanda, Adam and Megan. Currently resides in Nevada as a Model but travels a lot to California where my family currently resides. I have been competing in pageantry from a very young age and has always dreamt of representing the United States on a global stage.

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She's the kind of queen that knows her crown isn't on her head but in her soul.

- Adrian Micheal


Growing up there were a few moments that impacted my life, being bullied as a child was one of them. Being bullied at a young age I had a tough journey towards self-love. Through this journey I’v learned to love my flaws and accept myself for who i was. Another moment that impacted me was when her brother enrolled into the U.S. Army. Being a sister of a brother in the U.S. Army, I has seen first-hand the violence our world holds. I hope to be a part of the change where one day we can all unite as one, to create a safe and peaceful environment everyone is happy to be a part of.

Going Vegan and learning I was of Native American descent were 2 other moments that shaped my life. After my reign, I hope to get my license in Special FX and work with Universal Studios while owning my own makeup company that produces vegan and cruelty free makeup products.


Much love,

Emily Irene


Miss Grand United States

Minimum of 5'6 (With heels)

Between 17 to 27 (Must not be over 27 years of age by October 01, 2019)

Natural Born:

U.S Citizen or Legal Resident of U.S

Marital Status: 

  • Single

  • Never have been married

  • Never have given birth

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