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What's your " Stop The War and Violence" Social Platform campaign?


Name: Samantha C. Keaton


State: Illinois 


Ages:  22

Education/Occupation:  Bachelor of Science in Biology  

Hobbies: Training for Half Marathon, Neuromodular Injector, Superstar Godmother

Ambitions:To become a reconstructive plastic surgeon to help anyone who has been born with or suffered any type of accident that has caused a deformity, so that they never feel that they are being judged for how they look on the outside but rather who they are on the inside. This includes cleft palate surgery, burn victims, wounded warriors, and breast cancer survivors. 


When not studying for my next medical school exam, you can find me encouraging the message of “Find your GLAMOUR within” through my organization, Glam By Sam LLC. My main mission is to help individuals everywhere become the best possible version of themselves, whether it’s through my studies of becoming a reconstructive plastic surgeon or my talk show “Feature Friday” where I am the producer, writer, and host. Feature Friday was created to give every individual who comes across Glam By Sam, the opportunity to feel that they have someone to relate to. I have had CEO’s, Professional Racecar Drivers, Plastic Surgeons, and Entrepreneurs on Feature Friday to speak about their journey towards self love and how that coincides with their journey towards success. 

My personal motto “Find your glamour within” is about much more than self love. It is about truly accepting yourself so you can also begin to accept others. You can accept others for their indifferences and find the beauty in it. When there is no longer room in our hearts and minds for negativity, actions of kindness and love will be displayed and that can bridge any gap. We have a duty to leave this world a better place and war only creates hate. We as women have a voice that is strong and powerful and fighting for peace is the only solution.


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