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                                   Name   :  Ileana Flores

                                     State   :  Kansas  

                                     Ages   :   23

Education/Occupation   : Studying to be a veterinary technician

                               Hobbies   : painting, getting crafty, and gardening

                           Ambitions   :


 I enjoy to helping others and even people that I don’t know.
My biggest goal in life is making my mother proud whether I just get a veterinary tech license or making my name noticeable because there is so many things I want to help out on even if I get nothing in return. Helping people physically and emotionally is one of my biggest strengths. Seeing families happy and reunite with one another is what it’s all about to me.
I used to live in a Brownsville, Texas but when my parents divorced when I was 9, my Mother, 2 older sister, and I moved to Nebraska. My mom was a single mother of 3 girls and had 3 jobs. Growing up with so many girls in my family males are rare to me haha
Because my mother did everything for us like being a teacher, a nurse, a father, and a best friend; she taught us that we can do anything we want in this world as long as we try. I have a great relationship with my mom, she is everything to me. She is the reason why I am taking these huge challenges in my life. I still have a pretty good relationship With my father. My mom definitely put an invisible crown on our heads way before an actual one got on my head..



War and violence is one of the biggest uncontrollable situations for our communities as they think but most people think of “that’s all we know then that has to be the outcome”. How I see it is if you come from a violent house hold or violence community that should give you the motivation to be different and lead by example. We all live in a world we’re leading with peace is known for weakness, breaking a bad chain can be difficult but the outcome is great. Peace is within our power. Us, the people, could change a lot if we come with peace, stay with peace and leave with peace.
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