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Name:  Bri Hunter

State:   Louisiana

Ages:  28

Education/Occupation: Southern University A&M College. Bachelor's Degree in History and Minor in English 

Hobbies: Baking my grandma’s banana bread, reading about the history of cities like Dubai, and working on my golf swing.

Ambitions: I would like to continue to pursue modeling and one day build my own modeling school.


I have titanium rods and pins from the top to the bottom of my spine because I was born with a condition called scoliosis. After having my surgery at age 14, my posture subsequently improved. It is because of my scoliosis that I went on to became a high fashion and commercial model working with brands like L’Oreal, Mary Kay, and Men’s Warehouse. Not only do I model, but many agencies and fashion events hire me to teach runway and modeling workshops. 


What's your " Stop The War and Violence" Social Platform campaign?

Did you know that 1 in 3 women are abused by a domestic or intimate partner or that 1 in 7 women are seriously injured by said partners? 

In my home state of Louisiana, 8,000+ women are housed in homeless shelters per year due to domestic violence situations. Per a legislative audit, these victims have a hard time finding shelters with enough space for them. Due to lack of funding shelters often have to turn thousands of victims away per year. 


After doing my research and realizing that women in my community were suffering, my mom and I started to plan to help. Every year we make blessing bags for women. The bags include personal care products and much more. 

I hope to bring awareness to this on a national level, given the opportunity during my year and beyond.

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