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                                   Name   :  Brianna Lopez

                                     State   :  Maryland

                                     Ages   :  

Education/Occupation   : Viticulture & Enology / Head Winemaker

                               Hobbies   :  Tennis, Juggling, bike riding and riding tractors.

                           Ambitions   :  Travel around the world tasting and making wine.




I am the woman I am today because of my heritage, mistakes and successes, and an unwavering passion to better my life; I am a Hispanic woman. As a nation, we cannot be neutral in the face of oppression. The injustice and violence will not stop until black lives matter, white supremacy is dismantled, women have better rights and we change our perspective on how others should be treated. Let’s start by listening, educating and amplifying the voices who are at the center of the fight.
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