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What's your " Stop The War and Violence" Social Platform campaign?

People all over volunteer to fight for their homes. Their loved ones. Their freedoms and rights. They leave their families to support their country and sometimes don’t return to them because they lost a battle that wasn’t theirs. It’s unfair to these families to receive notice that they can’t see their loved ones again because of their sacrifices. Violence is never the answer. 

Name:  Morgan Pickrell

State:   Michigan

Ages:  20

Education/Occupation:  I have a high school diploma, I didn’t go immediately into college, but I’m starting soon to study nutrition!

Hobbies:  I love being outdoors: running, exploring, stargazing, and beach days! Love traveling; the best part is getting to experience different cultures! I also have a passion for cooking and testing out new recipes. 

Ambitions: I want to become a nutritionist and personal trainer for people suffering from eating disorders. It’s a topic not brought to light often, and people struggle in silence because they don’t think they can recover. I want to change that. I want people to know they are heard and can get through this bump in the road. It’s hard, especially after battling with yourself and what you see on social media, but I want them to know that even though battles were lost, they can still win this war. 


 I graduated high school in 2021 and plan to attend college. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to go for, so I held off. I got granted an opportunity to get into the modeling industry shortly after and kept at it. With loads of long nights and hard work, I started getting somewhere in my modeling career and with myself. I realized how much social media impacts people currently and have experienced the effects it can cause, which made it clear to me which career path I want to pursue. 


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