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                                   Name   :  Dana Wesley

                                     State   :   Mississippi

                                     Ages   :  

Education/Occupation   : I am a Cryptologic Linguist for the Army National Guard. I have also earned my M.A. in Spanish from The University of Mississippi.

                               Hobbies   : I love to sing, dance, and model. I also enjoy language-learning and experiencing different

                           Ambitions   : I aspire to be a Language Analyst for the FBI.




War and Violence are caused by division, and division is a product of a lack of understanding. In order to bridge this divide, we must communicate, and we must befriend others who share different beliefs, ideals, and opinions from our own. It’s through exposure and education that we can eradicate the fear that has plagued our country and killed so many of our fellow Americans. As Miss Grand Mississippi, I will continue to work closely with community leaders, educators, and young people to ensure that we create a world that is more loving, accepting, and understanding. I don’t want to see anymore war in my lifetime, and no one should have to fight in order to defend who they are.

As an African American woman who has studied abroad in South Korea and Spain, I have witnessed the destructive qualities of ignorance born out of a lack of exposure to cultures, ideas, and beliefs that differ from our own. I have personally witnessed how fear perpetuated by the media has led to hurtful and harmful actions that endanger our fellow Americans. These are the life-experiences that spurred me to utilize my platform as Miss Grand Mississippi to advocate for the nation-wide integration of language and culture courses into schools. It is through education that we can eradicate the discrimination, violence, and hate that plagues our country. Education is extremely important to me, and that is why I’ve obtained a master’s degree in Spanish and earned a minor in Korean Language in Culture. Communication is key, and by breaking social barriers, I do believe that we can stop the war and violence.

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