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                                   Name   :  Shannon MacNeil

                                     State   :   Montana

                                     Ages   :  

Education/Occupation   :  TV reporter and anchor for NBC Montana

                               Hobbies   :  Hiking with my dog, cycling, dancing, cooking, traveling

                           Ambitions   :  To host a travel/cooking show




As a TV reporter and anchor, I can't just "turn off" the news like most people can. Everyday I learn of the terrible things going on in our world and in my country, but I also learn about the amazing things people are doing to help their communities. I am thankful to be part of Miss Grand International because I want to be someone who makes a difference, someone who can help spread GOOD news in a time where violence seems like the only thing on TV. 

A shy girl turned TV broadcaster.  My journey to find confidence in myself has been a long, yet worthwhile one.  I'm passionate about helping others, especially kids, which is why I choose to volunteer for my local food bank, and raise money for No Kid Hungry. I love living in Montana and spending every day surrounded by its beautiful mountains. I hope to become Miss Grand United States so I can share with the world the things I value most: love, perseverance, charity, and laughter. 

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