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                                   Name   :  Ashley Sanchez

                                     State   :   New York

                                     Ages   :  

Education/Occupation   : Currently an entrepreneur/business owner. I have a small candle business and currently in the works of starting my own makeup line.
I will also be going back to school to finish my degree in broadcast journalism.

                               Hobbies   : My favorite hobby is singing; it’s a talent of mine

                           Ambitions   : I aspire to be a successful business woman and hopefully one day having my own makeup boutique. I also aspire to make a big positive impact in the south bronx community.




In order to stop the war and violence, we must stop judging each other and begin to listen & understand. We need to treat everyone as equals and realize that no matter our differences, we are all HUMAN

 New York native with a hustle mentality. Currently a small business owner & model. Very family oriented & outgoing. Looking to make a positive impact in my community.

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