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                                   Name   :  Madison Callaghan

                                     State   :   North Carolina

                                     Ages   :  

Education/Occupation   : Ceo & Creative Director Of  Bongani

                               Hobbies   : I started my own Non-profit two years ago called The Madison Callaghan Foundation. My Foundation advocates for children’s rights, providing educational materials, sporting equipment and scholarships. Most of my time is spent making school visits, visiting grade D-F schools bringing any supplies that are needed for that particular school because of the lack of government funding. I love meeting all the teachers and hearing what each kid aspires to be to hopefully help them achieve that ultimate goal.

                           Ambitions   :  My biggest hero will always be my mother. She has dedicated her life to helping children with special needs. When  I was younger I would always come with her and spend time with the kids. It really changed my life and opened my eyes to a much bigger picture. When I was old enough to start volunteering I decided to volunteer at a special needs orphanage. I’ve always wanted to adopt, but working within the system really brought to my attention the need and urge for me and every community  to be involved within the foster care community. My biggest aspiration is to start a foster care for teenagers. Hoping to make sure every child gets the home they deserve.




Together as the human race we can no longer continue to simply state were against violence. Actions must be implemented to put ourselves in a position to help stop violence within our communities everyday. Essential building blocks needed for change include education, unity and peaceful action.

We should be investing more into education. If we educate our younger generations on additional ways to solve problems without violence, hate, discrimination and informing them on past cultural indifferences. Our children of today, will be the difference we hope to see in the world. The end of the war on violence.

Growing up I’ve always wanted to make a difference in a tangible way. Start something that impacts lives and allows others to carry that influence forward.

The people, places, and experiences I’ve had remind me that someone with so little can carry the biggest smile and that happiness is just a matter of perspective. I thought it would only be right to start my first project by creating a swimsuit line, inspired by the amazing people who’ve impacted my life . Each swimsuit embodies a unique, true story behind the name.

Choosing a charity was by far the hardest part of the process. I wanted to pick something that I can relate to. When I heard about "United Through Sport", I knew it was the perfect fit. Playing sports can provide an outlet for people facing overwhelming obstacles in life. I personally can relate to these struggles having grown up with depression and anxiety. I know that sports can be a source of motivation, confidence, and resolve. Sports can serve as an escape from the often difficult world that we live in and I believe that every child should have the opportunity to play. There are children around the world who are prohibited from pursuing a dream in sports they may not even know they have yet, because they do not have the means to explore such dreams. This charity reflects my hopes to provide more opportunity and support to those who need it the most. To be another family which is ultimately my life goal.

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