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Name: London Tucker


State: North Carolina


Ages:  21    

Education/Occupation: London Tucker is a 21 year old native North Carolinian, studying psychology, specializing in PTSD and support for those with Traumatic Brain Injury.​

Hobbies: A few of London's hobbies and joys are mentoring and developing young ladies through coaching Fastpitch Softball, various areas of pageantry and training, caring for and playing with her three equine.



London enjoys serving her local community and throughout her state in various capacities, earning the Gold Presidential Service Award.

She has also earned D Company 1st Special Forces 1st Battalion Certificate Of Achievement for Professionalism and Dedication To Duty; De Oppresso Liber Challenge Coin; IOMAX Hangar challenge Coin for Leadership, Teamwork and Integrity; US ARMY Special Warfare Training Certificate Of Appreciation with SF Coin for Excellence in Intelligence, Assisted Recovery, Unconventional Operations.

Please follow London's journey on Instagram @MissGrandNorthCarolina and @Always__London.


What's your " Stop The War and Violence" Social Platform campaign?

Due to London's experiences with military work, it has made her painfully conscious of the importance to spread awareness and beseech our government to Stop The War and Violence.  She believes wholeheartedly that We The People are at the core of making this greatly needed change.

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