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Born and raised on the outskirts of Philadelphia, one of the most violent cities in America, I have witnessed the effect of war and violence in my own community; I have watched it destroy families and break hearts, including my own. However, coming from the “city of brotherly love,” I always advocate for peace and unity.  

Name:  Ebone Marie Jimerson

State:   Pennsylvania

Ages:  28

Education/Occupation: While serving as Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA during my senior year of High School, I maintained a high grade point average and graduated from Hatboro-Horsham High School. Initially, from a small suburban town, I desired to study in a big city. After spanning my studies across three NYU campus locations (London, Washington D.C., New York City) for internships and scholar programs, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized study with a major in political science, multi-media communications, and marketing, with a focus on gender studies and performativity. 

Hobbies: As the only girl of 4 brothers, my hobbies are vast and include everything from kickboxing with my younger brother, who happens to be a pro, to climbing volcanoes. Having lived on two continents and in five major cities, international travel is one of my favorite and most frequented hobbies. I enjoy immersing myself in different cultures and meeting new people who have become friends. I believe this is the best way to evolve into a well-rounded, worldly

person—one must experience life and educate themselves on the lives of others. In addition to these activities, I enjoy being creative and enacting that creativity into developing my emerging podcast that will reflect my lifestyle, everyday life, current events, and pop culture. 

Ambitions: My goal is to be happy; to continue to live a purposeful life that I know would not only make my loved ones proud, but one that I am also passionate about and excited to wake up each day and continue to live out. So many people live life trying to meet other people’s expectations and are ultimately unhappy or depressed. Creating We Win Abundant Home Care in Pennsylvania and growing into locations in Detroit and Atlanta with my mother gave my life purpose and created a family legacy that I will forever be happy to carry on and continue to expand into other states. In addition to career ambition, as a carrier of the BRCA gene mutation and someone whose family has been devastated by breast cancer, I aspire to spread the word about natural and integrative medicine as a possible cure for cancer.


“Who am I?” is a question with a never-ending answer because I am eclectic and still evolving daily. In short—I am a girl who is girly on the outside but a gritty tomboy on the inside; someone who is as tough emotionally as she is physically, who has overcome feelings of grief, depression, and mourning to find happiness from those trials, and turning my pain into purpose by taking each day, one day at a time. 


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