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                                   Name   :  Taylor Gipson

                                     State   :   Tennessee

                                     Ages   :  

Education/Occupation   :  Graduate from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Business Administration 

Currently serving as a Program Manager at Girls Inc. of Memphis 


                               Hobbies   :  Model trainer,Spending time with Friends and Family, Hiking and Mentoring 

                           Ambitions   :  My aspiration in life is to the woman Christ has called me to be. 




The Miss Grand Organization stands to stop the war and violence. In light of recent events, It is my duty as Miss Grand Tennessee to urge you to speak up. Black Lives Matter. To be silent is to be complicit. In an age where we are capable of reaching out to touch the stars, but we have forgotten to reach out and touch the lives around us, it is time for us to look inwards and use our combined ingenuity to make the world a better place fo all humanity.


 An end to war is an ideal objective of freedom, peace, and harmony within all of us. For the sake of our community and the generations to follow, it is our duty domestically and internationally to rid the world of conflict by racism and focus our efforts on improving the quality of life for all humanity. 

Taylor Gipson lives by her saying “I have confidence in myself SECOND, because I have confidence in Christ FIRST”. Taylor is a Memphis native and recent graduate of the University of Tennessee with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Business Administration. She enjoys pageantry and modeling where she has held the titles of Miss Memphis USA and Miss Shelby County Teen USA, and currently, Miss Grand Tennessee. As an advocate against bullying, she enjoys mentoring young girls in kindness and confidence through volunteer-ship and participating in research studies within her field of study to find out ways in which she can help her community grow. Recently Taylor has been working on a non profit called “Cursive Kids” in which communities are educated on the importance of cursive handwriting, after it was no longer required to be taught in most school systems. Taylor is passionate about improving the lives of others and sees each day as a new opportunity to help others learn and grow. 

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